Culture and Lifestyle

Ireland is a great place to live and continually scores highly in many surveys on standards of living and well-being.

Dublin has been recognised as one of the friendliest cities in the world by Condé Nast Traveller in 2022. Similarly, in the 2022 OECD Better Life Index Ireland is ranked 3rd for “community” or “quality of social support network” to those who live here, making it an attractive place for families to live.

Ireland’s education system offers high quality primary, secondary and pre-schools; and a wide range of third level opportunities. It offers an affordable cost of living compared to other parts of Europe and boasts a thriving food culture where producers nationwide offer locally grown dairy, meat and vegetable products.

Although traditionally an island of emigration, this has shifted over the last few decades and Ireland is an increasingly multicultural society where people from other countries feel comfortable and at home.

The country is rich in unique culture and heritage with an abundance of natural beauty, from parks and forests to coastline retreats. As well as traditional music, dance and sport, Ireland has produced a wealth of writers, musicians and sports stars over the years, who have had international success.