Labour and Talent

Ireland’s vibrant, young and highly educated workforce has been a major factor in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into the country. Favourable demographics and consistent investment in education ensure a plentiful supply of highly qualified workers and it is certainly one of the many reasons why multinational corporations continue to locate or expand their activities here in Ireland.

Ireland, with the youngest median population age (35) in Europe, has a young workforce. In addition, Ireland has one of the most educated workforces in the world. This is the highest level of STEM graduates per capita in EU. Furthermore, there are a significant number of young, well educated foreign nationals from Europe and beyond. This linguistic mix means that multi-national companies can source people with the relevant language and customer service capabilities.

Ireland’s workforce has been ranked Number 1 for both flexibility and adaptability and for its readily available skilled labour.We have built up a reputation for knowledge in key growth areas with many Irish students graduating with a degree in engineering, science or business. In fact, the government actively supports continued excellence in these fields, with ongoing programmes to encourage more participation from the student population.

Over 40 years of international corporate investment in Ireland has resulted in a generation of world-class managerial talent experienced to an international standard. This in turn has led to a wealth of experience in managing pan-EU and global projects for large international organisations.

Source IDA Ireland 2018