Presenting the Property Finance Group

Our Ethos and Expertise

How we work

  • The core principle of the Property Finance Group is true relationship banking, using our deep understanding of commercial real estate to analyse and structure appropriately to compliment clients’ businesses and asset management plans.
  • Sponsor and asset selection are of paramount importance and in every transaction we bring resources together from across the business to prioritise delivery in line with expectations and deal deadlines.
  • We partner with our clients, engendering trust and a mutual desire to expand relationships beyond the initial deal.

Experience and Expertise

  • Supporting construction and development has always been a core part of Bank of Ireland’s strategy
  • We have €1billion in funding available to fund property construction
  • We play a key role in funding new homes for Ireland by supporting our clients’ ambitions and projects
  • We are a key player in student accommodation development
  • We have developed a specialist in-house property team – with sector-specific expertise
Meet the Team