We continue to proactively support customers with additional M&A financing, refinancing and enhanced flexibility & liquidity facilities.

Here’s why our customers work with us

“I would like to thank Mark and his team for all their hard work and support in the funding of the Quidco acquisition. We are delighted to have completed this deal, and particularly pleased to have been able to deepen our relationship with Bank of Ireland only 12 months on from them joining the banking group.” – Scilla Grimble, CFO, Moneysupermarket.com Plc.

Next 15
“I am delighted that we have been able to bring Mark Birkenshaw and his team from Bank of Ireland into our banking group and I am sure they will be a very valuable partner in the next leg of our journey”. – Peter Harris, CFO, Next 15 Plc.

“We would like to thank Mark and his team for their support and incredible proactivity throughout the process. We are genuinely delighted with the outcome and look forward to working with them and their Agency team”. – Alex Baker, Head of Treasury, Euromoney Plc.

“I just wish to express my appreciation for all the great assistance by Bank of Ireland. You have been a longstanding lender to us and we have always welcomed the incredible support and great expertise that you have shown over the last decade plus”. – Mandy Gradden, CFO, Ascential Plc.
“Bank of Ireland have been a long standing supporter of our business. We greatly value their expertise and our relationship, which has been strengthened with Bank of Ireland providing the agency service for our existing facility”. – Jamie Warner, CFO, Autotrader plc

Kin & Carta
“Bank of Ireland is a supportive partner who takes time to understand our business. This enables a more constructive and efficient engagement as business needs arise, and I’m pleased to have them in our corner as we grow the business”. – Chris Kutsor, CFO, Kin & Carta plc

“We would like to thank the Bank of Ireland team for their strengthening support. We look forward to working with them as we continue to grow our business”. – Graham Lilley, CFO, Globaldata plc.

“I value the strong relationship with the Bank of Ireland team and welcome their proactive engagement and increased support” – Penny
Ladkin-Brand, CFO, Future plc

The Economist Group
“Bank of Ireland is an invaluable partner to us at The Economist. The Bank of Ireland team has taken the time to understand our business and support us effectively as we transform and grow our company.” – Shane Naughton, CFO, The Economist Group

Global Media & Entertainment
“We are grateful to Bank of Ireland for their strong support, flexibility and ability to act quickly as we have navigated an unprecedented crisis. We look forward to continuing to work closely with them in the future”. – Darren Singer, CFO, Global Media & Entertainment