and to support HSE’s urgent recruitment drive and to support HSE’s urgent recruitment drive and have today committed their support for the HSE’s urgent recruitment drive in response to Covid-19. The HSE is looking to recruit as many healthcare professionals as it possibly can, including doctors, nurses and administrative staff, in the weeks ahead. The full scale of this recruitment drive was outlined by Minister for Health, Simon Harris TD last week. 

In support of the recruitment drive, and will facilitate the HSE with advertising these new roles free of charge across the two platforms. This includes actively promoting the jobs to 60,000 registered healthcare professionals in Ireland and abroad. and has a combined database of 3 million professionals.

Commenting on the initiative, General Manager, Orla Moran said, "Covid-19 presents the great challenge of our generation. My colleagues and I have all looked on in admiration at the dedication and professionalism of our healthcare professionals in recent weeks. To quote An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, ‘never will so many ask for so much of so few’. We are currently experiencing the ‘calm before the surge’ and the pressures on our healthcare infrastructure is only going to grow exponentially in the weeks ahead."

She added, "In a national emergency, we all have a responsibility to look at how we can help, no matter how big or small that gesture might be."