Irish employers lose out on top talent due to long recruitment processes

Irish employers lose out on top talent due to long recruitment processes

New research carried out by e-recruitment platform,, reveals that 90% of employers have experienced candidates dropping out of the interview process in the past twelve months. analysed the data collected from 1,550 respondents to a survey posted on the platform in the fourth quarter of 2019. Seven in 10 employers who experienced a drop out said that the candidate was offered another job during the process.

Furthermore, 75% of employers said their interview processes take one month or less. However, over a quarter of job seekers say they have experienced a lengthy interview process of between two to five months, with a further 3% of interview processes taking more than five months to complete.

As Ireland remains at full employment, say employers need to dedicate significant time and resourcing to recruit new hires. This should involve an appraisal of current recruitment and interview processes, to avoid losing candidates to competitors.

Some of the biggest frustrations felt by job seekers during the interview process include the nondisclosure of salary data (27%) a lack of communication as to their stage in the process (25%) and long application forms (12%).

Almost half of jobseekers (48%) would like to see more face-to-face engagement while a further 64% felt as though the process didn’t allow them to adequately demonstrate their skills and expertise.

Commenting on the results, General Manager of, Orla Moran said, "We are now in a job seekers market, and as the results suggest, if a process is too long employers risk losing candidates to their competitors. Every company will have different recruitment priorities and their hiring methods will inevitably be dictated by these. However, by avoiding common errors and frustrations, employers can optimise their interview process and maximise the return from their recruitment efforts."