Brexit Resource Centre

Adapting your business
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Brexit Resource Centre

Welcome to the Bank of Ireland Brexit Resource Centre. We have put together a number of supports to help our business customer’s progress through this period of uncertainty with more confidence. We have also partnered with a number of Ireland’s leading agencies and consultancy groups to provide extended resources for your business in areas outside of currency and finance.

Partner Resources


Is your business ready for Brexit? Find out what you can do to ensure your business is prepared.

Enterprise Ireland

The Enterprise Ireland Brexit SME scorecard is a free tool for Irish companies doing business with the UK.

Bord Bia

Brexit will have an impact on agri-food companies doing business with the UK. Prepare with Bord Bia’s Brexit Barometer.

Irish Institute European Affairs

Read more on The IIEA Brexit microsite, where you can find the latest blogs, publications and Brexit events.


KPMG’s Brexit webpage helps businesses to understand the issues and actions required to be taken across key areas.


If your business trades with the UK, find out how you can prepare for Brexit with Deloitte's practical guide.

Government of Ireland Currency Risk Management Guide

Getting Ireland Brexit Ready. Helping Irish SMEs manage currency risk throughout Brexit. Find out more with this guide compiled by the Government of Ireland.