It’s important that businesses like yours are ready for the challenges and opportunities Brexit brings. To be fully ready, you need to be fully informed. Amid the uncertainty of the outcome we‘ve introduced a series of new business supports that can help you face this with a greater degree of confidence. These include ongoing sector updates, and new business currency supports.

Our teams would be happy to discuss how we can help your business to grow, trade internationally, or manage currency risk over the next number of months.

Latest Brexit video update

Listen to our latest Brexit Update presented by Jennifer
Howett, Regional Treasury Relationship Manager, and Lee Evans, Head of FX Trading and Strategy. Lee and Jennifer discuss what’s been happening during the transition period, the impact of Covid 19 on Brexit, and the latest Sterling forecast.

Recorded 29th June 2020.



Industry experts and customers who spoke at our Cavan Brexit event share advice on how to prepare for Brexit.

How we can help:

Preparing for Brexit

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    27th September 2019 - Bank of Ireland Hosting SME Brexit Briefings. Read more

    25th September 2019 - The UK Supreme court ruled that the order to suspend the UK parliament was unlawful and should be quashed. Read more

    24th September 2019 - The Government has made an appeal for thousands of UK licence holders residing in Ireland to exchange their driving licences in advance of Brexit. Click here

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    8th May 2019 – After a brief hiatus, Brexit related currency volatility has returned to the markets. Read more

    4th April 2019 - The Government’s Brexit Portal is updated with useful advice for those purchasing goods online Read more

    2nd April 2019 - Government advice on driving Irish-registered vehicles in Northern Ireland and Great Britain Read more

    1st April 2019 – Sterling falls as May’s withdrawal agreement is defeated once again
    Read more

    25 March 2019 - Bank of Ireland Economic Pulse down in March: Brexit has continued to make waves and temper the mood. Read more here

    21 March 2019 - UK granted unconditional extension to Article 50 until April 12, extending to May 22 if deal is passed beforehand

    The EU eventually offered the UK an unconditional extension to Article 50 until April 12 which extends to May 22

    if the British withdrawal deal is passed before hand. This will reduce the cliff edge risk a no-deal crash-out next week but assuming Parliament

    won’t support May’s deal, the UK will within three weeks face a choice between a long extension or a no-deal Brexit

    14th March 2019 -  Brexit uncertainty drives saving sentiment to all time high. Read more here 

    13th March 2019 - Read our summary of last night's Brexit Deal Vote and impact on currency markets this morning

    6th March 2019 - Download a copy of our new Guidance for importers and exporters

    4th March 2019 - Download a copy of our new Brexit Checklist for Businesses

    20th February 2019 – Bank of Ireland has launched a €2bn Brexit Fund to help businesses across the island of Ireland prepare for the UK’s departure from the EU.
    Read more

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Brexit Checklist

Prepare for Brexit Checklist

It is important that businesses understand the potential impact Brexit could have on their business. To do this, a company may want to consider looking at a variety of areas to assess potential impact.

Download our checklist
Import/Export guide

With the Brexit deadline fast approaching you may be considering what will happen to your East-West trade imports and exports if there is a no-deal scenario, or after any transition period if a deal is agreed between the UK & EU.

Our guide for importers and exporters provides some useful pointers on next steps to prepare your business for trading post-Brexit

Download the Guide
Currency Risk Guide

Don’t sit back – prepare.

The clock is ticking towards the UK’s exit from the EU. In this period of uncertainty, it is tempting to adopt a “wait and see” approach, but now is not the time to sit back.

If your company is importing from, or exporting to the UK, now is the time to consider the implications Brexit may have on your business.

The Global Markets team at Bank of Ireland are here to support you and your business as we go through this journey.

This 6 Step Guide will explain how companies can plan for, and reduce currency risk.

SBCI Loan Scheme

The SBCI Brexit Loan Scheme is offered in partnership with the Department of Business Enterprise and Innovation, the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine and is supported by the InnovFin SME Guarantee Facility, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments.

The SBCI Brexit Loan Scheme will operate from 3rd April 2018 until 31st March 2020 or until the scheme has been fully subscribed.

Find out more
Customer Update

As the Brexit process continues to evolve and irrespective of the final conclusion between the UK and the EU, Bank of Ireland would like to reassure customers that the continuity of our services in the UK and Ireland will be fully maintained.

Post Brexit there will be some technical changes applicable to a small number of our UK deposit customers – More information

Aside from this, there is no expected impact to your product holdings or relationship with the Bank of Ireland Group, including Bank of Ireland UK plc and its partnerships with the UK Post Office, the AA and in Northern Ireland.

Consequently there is no need for you to take any action at this time and we will continue to update this website as necessary.

We are on hand at all times to respond to any queries you may have. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your relationship manager or regular business contact and they can support.

As always, we would like to thank you for your valued business.


Brexit and travel between Ireland and the UK   12th Feb 2019

It is timely to provide an update on travel and working arrangements between Ireland and the UK.

The Common Travel Area agreement between the Republic of Ireland and the UK is a long-standing arrangement which enables Irish and UK citizens to travel and reside/work in either jurisdiction without restriction.  The Common Travel Area agreement predates membership of the EU by both Ireland and the UK and is not dependent on any final agreement between the EU and the UK.  Therefore, in the event that the EU and UK do not agree Brexit terms before the end of March 2019, there is no impact on working or travel arrangements for Irish and UK citizens in either jurisdiction. Reciprocal visa-free travel arrangements are anticipated to prevail in respect of travel between other EU countries and the UK.

Government initiatives

The decision of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union presents unprecedented political, economic and diplomatic challenges for Ireland. The way in which we deal with these challenges will be a major factor in shaping the future of our island and our relationship with Britain for years to come.

Learn about the work the Government is undertaking to protect your interests in the Brexit negotiations, and the steps being taken to get Ireland Brexit Ready.

Find out more about the Government’s most recent engagements, outreach events, and ongoing consultation work on Brexit. You can find information about the resources and financial supports available from all Government Departments and Agencies to help businesses to prepare for Brexit. You can learn about what Brexit means for you as the negotiations continue, the things that will change and the many things that will stay the same. You can also access comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions sections, and read Key Documents published by the Government outlining our negotiation strategy and preparations for the potential impacts of Brexit.

This site includes links to a wide range of Government and independent research reports that provide a broad analysis of all key issues and sectors.

Find out more
Business Guide